Homework March 12    Double Replacement
Here's 3 links to help you with your homework tonight:


http://www.kentchemistry.com/links/Kinetics/PredictingDR.htm  This site has videos to show you how to do double replacement reactions.
Homework March 13    Net Ionic Equations
redo for March 13 homework complete and net ionic equations
Links for homework help for March 13

http://www.nauticus.org/chemistry/chemnetion.html  Helpful site that shows how to  write complete ionic and net ionic equations. 




Homework March 14 Ionic and net ionic equations Write complete ionic and ionic equations for these reactions.

Links for homework help on sigle replacement reactions:
Homework March 19  View these two  links to see what will be taught next: 


Bring this sheet with you tomorrow (March 20)  and get extra credit:
March 20 Homework  Decomposition Reactions
Link for March 21 homework synthesis reactions http://www.files.chem.vt.edu/RVGS/ACT/notes/Types_of_Equations.html
March 22 Homework: Bring this sheet in for extra credit if you scored less than an 80 on the last test.
Product Prediction   Honors classes period 2 and 3
March 25 homework:  The mole and avagadro's number
March 25 homework redo: The Mole Sheet
March 26 Homework  Moles and Mass
Links to help you do the moles and mass homework: 
March27: Molarity worksheet  Watch the Bark video if you need help doing it. 

http://www.occc.edu/kmbailey/Chem1115Tutorials/Molarity.htm  Here's a link for molarity if you need extra help.


Do this if you did not pass the bonding test and can't make it to after school tutoring.
 Since its just before spring break here's an option  Click on this link  http://crescentok.com/staff/jaskew/ISR/chemistry/class11.htm   and do the following:
1.  Left side of the page click on the tab Periodic table.  Read it carefully.  Do the quiz at the bottom "Using the periodic table"  Click on the left side menu for the other steps that follow
2.  Click on electron configurations.  Read it.  Do the quiz.
3.  Click on oxidation numbers.  Read it. Do the class assignment.
4.  Click on chemical formulas.  Read it.  Do the class assignment.
5.  Click on naming chemical formulas.  Read it and do the class assignment "Formulas and Names"  Hand in all of the work.  I'll check it and record your score.  This will take some time to do.  You have until the end of the day Thursday, March 28 to get it done and handed in to me.  Remember: There is no reason to have a score lower than 80% in my class.


Some new helpful links.

Atomic structure links:



Electron configuration help link: 


Periodic trends help links:
 Ionic worksheet.  Extra practice for writing chemical formulas for ionic compounds.  Good review for a test. http://www.scientificjam.com/SCIENCE404WEB/science404web_unit5/8thwebfiles/ionicFormulas.pdf
 Covalent compounds.  Electron dot diagrams.  http://www.kentchemistry.com/links/bonding/covalentlewisdot.htm
Naming covalent compounds: 


Covalent molecules.  Extra practice for writing chemical formulas for covalent molecules  Good review for a test.Covalent worksheethttp://misterguch.brinkster.net/covalentname.pdf