North Carolina Retirement System
Retirement Forms should be completed ONLY by full-time employees contributing to NC Retirement.


Questions and Answers
Am I eligible for retirement benfits?
If you are a permanent full-time school employee, you are covered by the North Carolina Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement System. Beginning August 1st, 2011 employees become vested after ten years of service.

Need to set up your ORBIT account?

This is your personal retirement account information that you can review anytime (active or inactive employee)…Follow the simple directions for registering….
Click on the link below and choose ORBIT.
Need to know your “salary cap” as a Retiree?
This can be found under your ORBIT account.

Need to change your beneficiary(ies) for your retirement account?
If you have less than 10 years of service, this can be done on-line under your ORBIT account. If not, you will need to download Form 2RC and 2DB (under ORBIT and FORMS).
These two forms are required: Return of Contributions - Form 2RC and Death Benefit – Form 2DB
Very Important: These forms must be notarized (unless you have been employed less than 10 years and chose to complete the on-line forms); therefore, all information can be completed except your signature and date. This must be done at the time you submit your documents for processing. If you would like to make these changes in Personnel, have them notarized, and copies placed in your personnel record, call Linda Wells at 252-462-2495 for an appointment.

Need a Retirement Estimate? Once you click on the link below, choose the ORBIT account link, choose the FORMS link, scroll down to “list of all forms,” and choose Form 309. Complete the form 309, submit to the NC Retirement System and allow approximately 60 days for processing. If you would like several different date estimates, just complete a separate form for each date (Only three allowed per year). Your estimate(s) will be mailed directly to the address you enter on the form(s). You can also calculate an estimate under your ORBIT account.https://myncretirement.comLINK to the Scanned Attachment

Planning to Retire – What steps do I take?
Review the “Personnel Matters Flow Chart” – link below. After you have registered your ORBIT account, review the “Personnel Matters Flow Chart” again, and if you still have additional questions, you may call Human Resources Department (462-2495) or the NC Retirement System (1-877-627-3287).

View the Flow Chart for Determining Your Retirement Eligibility and Retirement Process...