Staff Resources
Need to make an  address and/or phone number change?
Complete an Address and/or Phone Number Change Form  – located in the Form Center - Under Personnel 
Once you have completed this required document, forward to the Human Resources Department to the attention of (HRMS Staff member’s name) listed on the document.
Need to make a Name Change?
Call 252.462.2495 for an appointment  (Required forms below):
#1 - New Social Security Card required prior to calling for an appointment

#2 - Name, Address, And/Or Phone Number Change Document Required
Complete a Name Change Form – located in the Form Center - Under Personnel

#3 - New tax forms (State & Federal) (State-NC-4 Form) (Federal-W4 Form)
#4 - NC Retirement Beneficiary Change Forms (Form 2DB and Form 2RC)
These two forms are required: Return of Contributions - Form 2RC and Death Benefit – Form 2DB.  Once you click on the link below, choose the ORBIT account link, choose the FORMS link, scroll down to “list of all forms,” and choose Form 2RC and Form 2DB. 
Very Important: These forms must be notarized.  All information can be completed except your signature and date.  Call Linda Wells at 252-462-2495 for an appointment.  Be very careful when completing these forms – no erasures, strikeovers, or white-outs permitted in Sections C through G.
#5 - Certified Employees ONLY – LICENSURE
A check made payable to NCDPI in the amount of $30.00 is required to change your name on your NC teaching license.  This should be submitted at your scheduled appointment.