Student Insurance and Accidents
NRMPS has two accident insurance policies available for all students in grades PreK - 12.
Process to follow when student has accident at school
  1. The school employee who witnessed the accident completes the Student Accident Report
  2. Submit form to school principal.
  3. Parent must be informed of the accident and provided with insurance claim forms.
    (Email is a great way to deliver packets electronically to parents)
  4. A copy of the signed accident report is filed with the school designee and a copy is sent to Sherry Braswell in the Finance Office.
Parents must be informed about insurance options and filing
  • Both plans have limited benefits and require the student's primary insurance to pay first before the claim will be considered for payment.
  • The student must see doctor within 60 days of the injury.
  • Although there is a section on both claim forms which must be completed by a school official, it is the parent's responsibility to file the claim.
  • K and K Insurance:  Claim form should be completed and submitted within 90 days of the injury
  • NCSBT Insurance:  Claim form must be submitted within one year of the accidental injury, and will be considered for payment only after the primary and student accident pays.
Your school principal is your primary support contact.