Welcome to Mrs. Melle's Class
Melle Welcome to the WONDERFUL WORLD OF PHYSICAL SCIENCE & CHEMISTRY. My name is Catherine Melle (Mrs. Melle), and I teach chemistry and physical science at NCHS. I LOVE teaching! CHEMISTRY IS PHUN!! I enjoy the material, and the ability to inspire young minds. I graduated from Southern Nash in 2001, and went to NC State to pursue a degree in engineering. While I was there I was steered towards teacher education, and graduated in 2006 with a degree in science education. Go Wolfpack!!
 Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,
 The learning process is a joint effort between parents, students, and teachers. Please read through the following expectations.
  • Ensure that your child is well rested and fed when they arrive to class each day
  • Ask your child about the course and review their notebook regularly
  • Provide a quiet place for your child to do their 20 – 30 minutes of homework each day.
  • Please do not allow your child to be tardy or absent from class unless absolutely necessary.
  • Be engaged in class each day.
  • Be prepared for class each day with notebook, paper, pencil, calculator, and completed homework.
  • Seek help as soon as you start to have difficulty.
  • Prepare a creative lesson for each day with many hands-on activities.
  • Cover the entire curriculum while exposing students to the world of chemistry.
  • Be available as much as possible after school.
  • Treat each child with respect.
Parents/Guardians are a child’s first and most influential teachers. I am willing to work with you to ensure your child gets the best experience possible in my classroom. Together we can achieve more.

Please feel free to contact me at lab school if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to a great semester of exploring physical science or chemistry with the students. Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Catherine Melle
School: 252.451.2860