Student Health
Healthy Children Are Better Learners
Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools (NRMPS) provides a school nurse, as a resource person in caring for student and staff health needs during the school day. Currently NRMPS employs 19 registered nurses. A nurse may be assigned to several schools and makes visits to the assigned schools during the week.

School Nurse Assignments and Contact Information
School Nurses:  Meeting health needs during school
In order to best care for children during the school day the school nurse must be aware of the health concerns that exist. Parents are asked to complete a Health History when they enroll their child in the Nash-Rocky Mount School system. Parents may also be asked to complete this survey at the beginning of each school year. Please contact the school nurse any time during the year when there are changes or newly developed health conditions. Communication is the key to making sure student's health needs are met during the school day. Remember- Healthy Children Learn Better!

The school nurse uses the information from the Health History to identify which students need Care Plans/Emergency Action Plans during the school year. The plan tells the nurse and staff how to care for a student's medical condition during the school day. The plan is developed by the nurse with input from the parent/guardian and at times the student's doctor. Examples of student's who would need plans would be those with asthma, diabetes, cerebal palsy, sickle cell disease, or migraine headaches.

Medications during school
Student's who require medications at school have 2 options. Please refer to the school board's policy on medication administration for the complete policy.

  • The teacher may store and give the medication to the student. A completed medication administration form must be on file for staff to administer ANY medication. This form is completed by the student's health care provider and parent and turned in to the school nurse.
  • Student's may self-medicate. Parents must provide a written note which includes the name of the medication and when it is to be used. A self-medication form is available. The school assumes no responsibility for students who self-medicate.

Click here for more information, guidelines, and protocols for health conditions, severe allergies, medication administration, and emergency action plans.

Vision and Hearing Screening
School Nurses provide basic vision and hearing screening to students. You may contact y our child's school nurse at any time and request a screening if you have concerns. Students will be referred for additional care if they do not pass the screening.

The following are routinely screened at some time during the school year. Mass screening is not conducted, the school nurse will visit individual classrooms during the year and screen the students present that day.
Kindergarten: Vision and Hearing screening if not tested as part of the kindergarten physical or failed/referred during kindergarten physical.
First Grade: Hearing Screening
Third Grade: Far Vision Screening
Fifth Grade: Far Vision Screening

Healthy Children Are Better Learners. To make this a reality school nurses:

  • Identify students with health needs and develop a plan of care with the parents. This written plan is shared with the student's teachers and will help them to care for the student's health condition during the school day and in case of an emergency.
  • Work with parents, teachers and health care providers to prevent health problems from becoming reasons for poor school performance.
  • Provide emergency care of illness and injury.
  • Provide training and supervision of school personnel in the proper administration of medications and treatments.
  • Ensure proper immunization of all students in accordance with North Carolina law.
  • Try to decrease contagious illness by excluding students from school with signs of disease or illness that can be spread.
  • Perform periodic health assessment of students. For example: health, vision and hearing screenings.
  • Teach Family Life classes to 4th and 5th grade students.
  • Provide health promotion programs for students and staff.
  • Serve as a resource to teachers and staff.
  • Assist in developing and reviewing health related policies, goals and objectives for Nash-Rocky Mount Schools.
  • Provide staff training and surveillance to meet government requirements for bloodborne pathogens.