Finance Department
The Finance Department is responsible for a variety of functions within the school district. The primary purpose is to collect all monies owed and pay all the expenses of the school district. The two ways of paying expenses include payroll and general expense check writing also known as accounts payable. The payroll function effects every employee in the district by creating a record of total wages and taxes paid in a calendar year. The accounts payable function pays all the bills for the district. The staff is primarily divided between payroll and accounts payable. Each of these employees is a dedicated professional insuring the financial integrity of the school system.

News:  Payroll is going Paperless 
Starting in August, 2012, direct deposit vouchers will no longer be printed. The NRMPS Payroll-Employee Portal, a secure system which all employees currently have access to, will allow you to display or print copies of your payroll check stubs and W-2’s. 

The Payroll-Employee Portal can be accessed 24/7 from work or home.  Information will be stored indefinitely. Each school will have a designated computer where employees will be able to view and print their payroll information. If you do not have a computer available for your use, check with your school payroll secretary for the location.

Please become comfortable using the Payroll-Employee Portal over the summer months if you are not a current user. 

Instructions for Using the Employee Payroll System